Simone Klages, born in Hamburg, studied at the university in Hamburg
and lives and works there as a freelance author and illustrator.


SIMONE KLAGES The Detectives from Cismar


The Detectives from Cismar … and the Stolen Heads
A new children’s novel by Simone Klages, told humorously and sensitively like all her books. Above all, a thrilling detective story, the beginning of a great friendship and the 1st volume of an exciting series.

The prospect of spending the whole summer holidays at Cismar at the Baltic Sea is bad enough – at least in Franzi’s opinion. Even more though when little brother Benny, who loves to gather disgusting snails, is a constant pain in the neck. The main attraction in the village is a boring cloister from the 12th century, but soon it turns out that there is a lot more going on there than she expected. And she always had thought that Hein and Hinnerk were really stupid – another false assumption.

Everything starts out really slow, but then Franzi finds a message in a bottle, which leads her to a haunted house near a forest, in which mysterious things happen. Then Benny disappears. And a short while later precious relics of the cloister are stolen. Franzi, Hein, Hinnerk and their dog set out on their search.

Die Detektive von Cismar ... and the Stolen Heads is not only the first case of the young detectives, but also the start of a great friendship.

The Cismar Detectives …and the Bank Robbery
A new case for the three Cismar detectives! Franzi, Hein and Hinnerk not only solve the mystery of the bank robbery, but they also catch the thief who’s been stealing bike valves. Volume 2 of a thrilling detective series and the story of how a wonderful friendship continues.

Franzi is spending her fall vacation in Cismar again, the little village that seem very quiet and harmless at first sight. But her family has hardly settled in at Lotte Hopp’s house when Franzi goes to look for her buddies and discovers the bank has been robbed. The men have been wearing Mickey Mouse masks. They are soon arrested, but there is no sign of the money they have stolen. A clear case for the Cismar detectives, Franzi, Hein and Hinnerk, who end up receiving their own office in a trailer. They begin their search for the money and the accomplices.

Lots of questions arise: what about homeless Grandpa Henkel, who has suddenly become very generous, and what about Aldi, the dog who is addicted to cookies? Who in the world is stealing bicycle valves from the beach at the lake, and what does it all have to do with the children’s recreation home? Which role does Marite play, and why is Grungo lying? He turns out to be a complete failure and more of a nuisance than Franzi’s brother with his stupid old snails. That’s when the adventures really start to roll for Cismar’s detectives … In the end, all the mysteries are solved, down to the very last one!

Voices from the press on the Cismar novels by Simone Klages:

»The adventures of the Detectives from Cismar are thrilling from beginning to end and told in an excellent writing style for children. Consistenly told from Franzi’s point of view, we find a real children’s gang – with holy oaths and conspiracies, arguments and reconciliation… They still exist – new, good mystery and detective stories for children …« Eselsohr

»And should your child be a real bookworm: Go ahead and get all three Cismar books at once. They’re all exciting and well-written.« Saarbrücker Zeitung



  The Mysterious Pumpkin Head
  Benni and the Najas



Cover & illustrations by Simone Klages

A Halloween mystery story for children age 8 and older: funny, original and full of surprises. Benni and the Najas are the ones to reveal the secrets surrounding the strange pumpkin head boy and the ominous Hugo Schubenik! A thrilling tale that absolutely has to go on…

It’s Halloween. Naddel, Taschi and Ine, three sisters who call themselves “the Najas” and their friend Benni get dressed up and go through the town of Cismar making lots of noise on their loud instruments. “Trick or treat!” They are allowed to go anywhere they want to, except to see Hugo Schubenik – their parents warned them about him. But together with the strange pumpkin head boy, who suddenly appears out of nowhere, they feel courageous enough to go even there. The house is more than eerie, mysterious sounds come out of it… Ine, who loves animals, finds an injured hedgehog on the way, which she takes to Doctor Schröder-Licorice right away. But what can it mean when she meets the funny pumpkin head boy there again? The drama takes its course – and so does their friendship with the pumpkin head boy, who Taschi even takes to show the secret Elephant Gorge!
Finally everything turns out for the best, but suspension is guaranteed. Taschi and the others find out where Ine’s hedgehog can be looked after, why the pumpkin head boy always smells like rabbits and, in addition to all that, they help Hugo Schubenik in adopting a son. Jomahu, which is the pumpkin boy’s real name. The Najas can’t wait to see when Benni can come to to visit Cismar again!





Cover & illustrations by the author

Mali has always had crazy ideas, her friend Wolle knows that only too well. But he never imagined she could get into such a mix-up when he gave her his hamster, Hans Albers, to look after. First she hides Hans Albers from her parents so well that she is only able to find him again by cleverly putting out bait. Then she sews him a silk hamster costume (and the stupid animal isn't even grateful). To top it all off, he goes and dies on her. She's got to find a replacement right away! But that's when Mali really gets into trouble, because the replacement really belongs to Michi and is a female...
Everything turns out well in the end, but Mali and Wolle's friendship has been put up to a true test.